T he Project Management and Design Department can assist in all areas of design and management for fit out of any size .In the one years since 2002 over 10.000 sqm .ranging from 150 sqm to 2500 sqm ,have been completed by the Team of the Departement.Clients have included : BNI, UNILEVER, LAW OFFICE, MANULIFE, and SAMSUNG to name just a few. We offer the full range of services required to successfully complete and interior project.

1. Space planning;
We can assist in all your initial space planning to determine how much space you actually need. The amount of space required will vary from building to building so it's important to carry out space planning before and during the selection process to ensure the best possible result.

2. Budgeting;
The following variable need to be taken into account; function, population density, building shape, magnitude, complexity of the work and intended occupancy period. After an initial Client briefing a preliminary budget can be established. The following preliminary budget range is for a medium to good quality fit out between 400 - 1000 sqm.


US$ Range/Sqm
Partition & Door
70 - 90
Floor & Wall Finishes
25 - 50
Furniture (All new)
85 - 115
Mechanical and Electrical works
35 - 70
25 - 25
240 - 350
(Excluded Consultants' fees)

Our current market knowledge of pricing allows us to establish the appropriate budget early on to avoid future cost overruns and assist in accurate financial planning.


3. Time scheduling;
Time is always of the essence and if the project's timing and activity interdepencies are not understood, problems will result.

4. Interior Design & Documentation for Construction;
Our skilled team of local and internationally trained and experienced designers will carry out all the design and documentation required to tender and build the works.

5. Supervision & Contract Administration;
We carry out all supervision and administration to ensure the works are executed to the desired cost, quality and time.

6. A fixed fee can be established early on based on the size. timing and complexity of the project
We offer the full range of services so you can choose to use all. or just a selection, depending on your individual requirements.